For Sale - Fuji Roubaix 2.0 12 - $550

For Sale

Fuji Roubaix 2.0 12. The top tube is 53 cms. It is in excellent condition though the chain would most likely need lubing.

It has been kept in the house covered with a sheet. Purchased in April 7, 2013 and only ridden a few times – mostly on the bike trail.

Would love for someone to buy it that would be able to enjoy and appreciate it the way I had hoped to do. Located in Elk Grove.

Email Marge at .

Looking to Borrow Women's Bike

I have volunteered for the 300 mile ride this May through my employer, Harm Reduction Services. Unfortunately, I'm in way over my head, ladies and gentlemen! 

I have no former cycling experience, plus I don't own a bicycle. I know. I know. I should have thought this out more thoroughly before volunteering! But the cause (HIV/AIDS fundraiser) drew me in, and I was compelled. No choice, folks!!!

I am sincerely hoping that there is a generous and trusting member out there who is willing to loan me a bike for training and racing. I could pay you to borrow your bicycle. I just don't have the means to invest in a $1,000 + bike. Welcome to nonprofit employment!;) 

In case it matters, I don't know my frame size, but I'm 5'6".

Rachael R.

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