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Getting Started

2020 NorCal AIDS Cycle:

  • The fundraising minimum for Cyclists (4-Day, Weekender and Single Day) is $1,600 and you will receive a special jersey!

  • The fundraising minimum for Crew is $600 and you will receive a special t-shirt!

  • Cyclists or Crew who have not met the fundraising minimum by 4pm on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 will have to make a donation to NCAC via credit card, cash, money order, or cashier’s check to raise their fundraising total to $1,600 or $600 respectively if they wish to participate in NCAC 2020.

  • Cyclists who do not wish to make a self-donation may be allowed to participate as Crew Members as long as they have raised at least $600.

Tips for fundraising

Make it personal

Write a personalized letter. This is the most basic tool of fundraising, and it works. Regardless of whatever else you do, write a letter first!

Explain the facts — that you will be participating as a cyclist or crew member in NorCal AIDS Cycle, riding or working for four days, and that you would like to offer them the opportunity to help you support people living with HIV/AIDS. Include some facts about AIDS and why this is important to you. Send your letter to everyone you have an email or mailing address for, and then look for more addresses and send even more letters. Don’t forget to include a link to your homepage and/or a donation form and a pre-addressed return envelope.

Get out and about

There are countless opportunities to raise money within a few miles of your home. Think about all the businesses you patronize everyday and ask them to help you out with your fundraising effort.

It’s who you know

Make contact with as many people as possible for your fundraising. Chances are, your friends and family will support you, but go beyond your inner circle. Have a party, host a fundraising event, talk to friends of friends, and don’t forget your online social networks!

Make it work

Your place of work is another good source for donations. Your business can support you by:

  • Giving money

  • Offering a matching gift program

  • Sending an e-mail to the entire company with a donation form attached

  • Setting up a small display

  • Asking clients, vendors or anyone else that your company does business with to help out

  • Hosting a lunchtime meeting so you can do a presentation about the NCAC

Think about timing

There are many good times for you to ask for money throughout the year. These include:

  • March and April for reminding people about good uses for tax refunds

  • Your Birthday

  • Party events – big game or awards show coming up? Throw a party asking for donations

  • Holidays

 Watch the calendar and email updates about fundraising workshops that will help you create your own action plan!