It’s all about teamwork!

Creating or joining a NCAC fundraising team is a great way for friends to support each other as they prepare for the NorCal AIDS Cycle. It is also a great way for potential donors to learn more about the NCAC community.

Joining a fundraising team is not mandatory, you may choose to fundraise as an Individual Participant, however, many people find it enjoyable to associate with a team and participate in a little healthy fundraising competition.

Your team webpage will show how much money the entire team has raised, however, each team member is individually responsible for meeting the fundraising minimum.

Many fundraising teams are actively accepting new members (please contact team captains for questions).


Top Fundraising Team Title

As an added incentive a Top Fundraising Team title/prize may be offered to the fundraising team that brings in the most donations.

The following rules and procedures apply

  1. Anyone may form and/or join a Fundraising Team. Cyclists and Crew members must meet the standard $1,600 and $600 fundraising minimums, respectively.

  2. In order to be eligible to compete for the Top Fundraising Team title, each member of the team must meet his/her fundraising minimum.

  3. When each team member has met the fundraising minimum, the team is eligible to compete and, if desired, can solicit and receive general team donations toward its overall team total; however, general donations cannot be applied to individual fundraising totals.

  4. To determine the winning team, the team’s overall total will be calculated on a “pro-rata” basis – team total divided by number of team members.

  5. The NCAC Board and Organizing Committee is working hard to come up with exciting prizes for the Top Fundraising Team, and we’ll keep everyone updated when we know what they are.

[And finally, the finer fine print:]

There are no exceptions to these rules. Any occurrence not addressed in the above rules will be decided by the NCAC Board of Directors, or by members of the NCAC Organizing Committee as designated by the Board. The NCAC Board reserves the right to amend these rules, supplement them, or delete them, or to terminate if the Board determines such action necessary to serve the charitable purposes and interests of NorCal AIDS Cycle and its beneficiaries.