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Training Rides

It is important to get on your bike and start training early. In addition to your personal training, NCAC offer formal organized training rides. Training Rides take place regularly on weekends beginning in the Fall of 2019.

NCAC Training Ride Leaders provide turn-by-turn cue sheets and will guide you through a detailed route providing any support you need to have a safe and enjoyable group ride.

Rides get progressively longer and more challenging the closer we get to the event in May. 


NCAC Benchmark Rides

If you’re wondering if you’re on track to be able to ride every mile of the NorCal AIDS Cycle, please attend our Benchmark Rides that will take place beginning in 2020. These rides will also give you a general idea of what a day on the actual ride will feel like, with full Crew support and Rest Stops.

Details will be announced as we get closer to the events.

Remember to Watch the calendar!


You may also view some our routes online at Bikely.com. Search: NCAC