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Congratulations on joining the Norcal AIDS Cycle! We are excited and honored to welcome you to our community.

If you haven’t registered yet and you’re still thinking about it, read on!

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced cyclist, participating in your first HIV/AIDS fundraiser or your hundredth, you have taken your first step on a journey that promises to affect your life and the lives of countless others long after you have completed the last mile of the ride. Beyond raising money for HIV/AIDS organizations in inland northern California, your commitment and effort will give hope to those suffering from the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS, provide a tangible means for your friends and loved ones to contribute to the cause, and inspire others to follow in your pedal strokes and turn their thoughts into actions.

You have an extraordinary and challenging adventure ahead of you. In the next few months, you will be pedaling hundreds, if not thousands, of training miles and contacting everyone you know to ask them if they are willing to help you put an end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Can you do this? Absolutely! Let’s go!