Step 6: NCAC Videos


A lot of folks are drawn to visuals. Here are links to 10 videos that riders and crew have made over the last couple of years. These links can be added to the riders/crew’s campaign letters to give the folks they are asking a visual of who and what we are.
Note: Each video has a web address below it. You may copy and paste these addresses into your letters / emails / facebook messages to share the videos with your donors.

Crew Video 1 - Behind the Wheel #1

2011 NCAC Be the Difference

Jerry's 2011 Ride

2013 NCAC Promo Video

2013 Halloween Training Ride

Crew Video 2 – Behind the Wheel #2

Randy’s 2011 Ride

2012 NCAC Ride

Jon’s 2013 NCAC LOVE

2013 Beals Point Training Ride